Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to the Aromatherapy Research Survey Site

This area was created to allow for a space for professional practitioners to share feedback, ideas and insight that will help foster an open-line of communication with fellow professionals and the public for gathering data and pertinent information for future surveys and research.
Please join us in helping to share and educate about true aromatherapy and how the therapeutic properties of essential oils can have many beneficial healing effects based on holistic awareness and applications.

*The information collected from this site may be used for future posting to the NAHA (National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy) website, e-newsletters, e-journals and marketing materials etc.


  1. Great! Count us in.

    Karen Flam
    Executive Director
    The Aromatherapy Alliance

    National Chapters.

  2. Thanks Karen! I look forward to any information you and The Aromatherapy Alliance can share. My
    hope is that this information will benefit us all.

  3. Kelly, this is awesome!! I hope we see this buzzing for many issues and that we can use it to come together as a group committed to our aromatic practice and values!

  4. As of today, July 21, 2009 I have heard back from ten therapists. Everyone has given very thoughtful responses. I appreciate the effort that everyone in the aromatherapy community is making to help gather data on this topic.
    Please don't forget to let me know an average for
    the % of clients that meet the criteria above.
    So many wonderful comments and information has been sent to my email but I still need a % number to be able to make any conclusion.
    Thanks and blessings to all.

  5. Hi Sara,

    I practice in a large hosptial network in Indiana and teach classes to nurses and present and interface with physicians on a regular basis. I also was asked to teach med students about clinical aromatherapy at IU School of Medicine so am happy to share some experiences that have been helpful.

    Please visit National Insitute of Health Complementary Alternative Medicine site. The results of studies done in 2002 and again in 2007 on CAM use in the US are available complete with bar graphs that physicians appreciate. It shows the conditions, CAM modalities and profiles of those who mostly use CAM. Aromatherapy either falls in biological botanicals or bodywork so don't be discouraged that it isn't listed. Share this info with your NP and med students.

    The Eisenberg studies from 1993 and 1998 are also important as identifying where this CAM movement began in the US in terms of the medical establishment taking notice. These studies showed that stress, weight reduction and pain were the areas indidividuals were mostly frustrated and sought CAM.

    At IU med school an individual representing aromatherapy to med students said things like " It will cure scoliosis and replicate DNA". As a result she was sent up the river and aromatherapy lost a wonderful opportunity. Avoiding these type of sweeping statements, even if one believes them will keep the doors open.

    They want to hear evidenced based studies as much as possible! At a section meeting of OB-GYN MDs recently, I was told that I had 6 minutes to speak and if I went over they would ask me to leave. I presented 5 powerpoint slides of data from an OB program that I'll present at conference, thanked them and left the room all in 6 minutes ( a miracle for me) and now I finally get referrals from them.

    I believe that both tradiitonal medicine and CAM have important places in our healthcare. I believe that building trust and respect on all sides is key to a future of the best medicine for all. It is a slow process but it is possible especially if we avoid us and them type of rhetoric and are all on the same page of evidenced based practice and "Above all do no harm".

    Aromatic blessing to all, Pam

    Pam Conrad RN, BSN, PGd, CCAP
    Complementary Therapy Nurse Consultant
    Wellspring pharmacy Community North

  6. Sara, this is a WONDERFUL idea...a way to share our collective experiences. Pam, your comments make SO much sense... Those who "over promise" can prevent others from making available what we KNOW works!

    Sara (since it's my understanding this blog is your idea?) May I post about it on our blog, share in our newsletter, etc.? We get so much positive feedback from our health care clients; this would be a wonderful arena for them to share it.

  7. Hi Marge,
    Kelly Holland Azzaro actually deserves the credit for the blog site. I wanted to pose this question to as many practicing aromatherapists as possible for feedback and she developed this site, in order to fill that need. I think it will prove to be a very valuable form of communication for our profession. Of course this is just one of the many things Kelly has done and continues to do to promote aromatherapy research and education. I don't think that Kelly would mind you sharing it with your readers, the more information we share...the better!
    Thanks and blessings, Sara

  8. Hi, I found your site via Nature's Gift.
    I think this is a great idea.
    I am a professional Aromatherapist with a degree in Complementary Therapy. I am also a Bach Flower Practioner. I have my own private practice in Edinburgh, Scotland.
    I feel that CAM is working towards integration with mainstream medicine but is a long slow road. It is our responsibilty as practitoners to try to achieve this. It is important that we never give up hope that it will happen. We owe it to ourselves, our fellow practitioners and our present and future clients.
    I will pass on details of this group to my fellow practioners here.

    Very best wishes
    Iris Mathers
    Scotland, UK

  9. This is definitely a wonderful idea! Thanks to all who took the leap and created this forum.

  10. Hi Marge and all,
    Yes please feel free to post a link to the blog space. Sara hope you are getting additional feedback and support on your survey research project. Keep us posted.

    I'm working on uploading NAHA E-Newsletter contents to the NAHA Blog space (a great idea presented by Marge Clark:) as well as placing a separate post for each of the wonderful 'Essential News-Going Green E-tips for Aromatherapy Awareness' contributions from Aromatherapy Professionals. Please view these and other aromatherapy blog posts at the NAHA Blog space.

  11. Great idea! I look forward to following this blog. Kayla

  12. This blog is a fantastic idea. I will follow. I fully believe we have yet to tap into the true value of aromatic plants as a potential healing source. Bravo.

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